June 14, 2008 12:11 AM

NanoBlogger 3.4 RC1

NanoBlogger 3.4 RC1 released! Download the tarball here.

This release sees a significant overhaul in the code base, user contributed patches, improved language support, and lots of bug fixes, including many from the SF.net project page.

Thanks goes to everyone who encouraged me and in some cases even contributed their own time and efforts to make this release possible.

Changes (since 3.3):

  • New action based command line interface.
  • Updated documentation for new command line interface.
  • Improved support for creating and storing various metadata variables.
  • Updated default configuration with sensible defaults.
  • Improves Articles plugin support for multiple directories.
  • Enhanced support and important fixes for Atom and RSS syndication, including support for enclosures and better compliance with standards.
  • Improved plugins facility allows disabling or replacing specific global plugins per weblog and ability to load plugins individually instead of a group.
  • Configurable levels of archiving (e.g. disable month and day archives).
  • Much improved tracking and updating of relative weblog archives.
  • Reverts default layout provided by CSS and templates to simple and clean design and removes several previously included CSS styles.
  • New functionality adds more reliable management of flat-file databases.
  • Usable Bash Completion examples.
  • Several other bug fixes and minor improvements.

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