June 28, 2008 5:51 PM

Interface: Visual Cues To The Rescue

Having received next to zero feedback from the first release candidate of 3.4, I've taken the liberty as lead developer and decided to fix what I perceive to be, vague and confusing "add", "edit" and "delete" commands.

Somewhere in the transition from a dash-based only command line interface to a more flexible action-based one, some clarity has been lost. Having narrowed it down to the "add", "edit" and "delete" commands, I found the obvious solution was to clarify the subject of the action. Basically, employing strong visual cues which help provide the necessary distinction.

I think the results speak for themselves:

Now instead of:

nb edit n

or more confusing vagaries such as:

nb tag n delete n

We have nicely clarified commands, such as:

nb edit entry n

nice separation between what's a tag and what's an entry:

nb tag n delete entry n

in some cases we see an elimination of redundancy:

nb delete tag n

where before it was:

nb tag n delete tag

and in other cases we see an elimination of complexity:

nb --title example add tag

where before it was:

nb --title example add tag new

For the translators this will only require minor changes to the syntax of the effected commands.

I'd like to get the final release out before September or sooner, but also believe such a change warrants a second release candidate, so expect a second one soon.

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