May 23, 2008 8:24 PM

Announcing 3.4 RC-1 Feature Freeze

I'm imposing a feature freeze on NanoBlogger, effective immediately. Mainly for the benefit of the translators and as a reminder to myself to stop tweaking and tinkering the code. The freeze will remain in effect until June 13.

As is often the case, once I start focusing on fixing one bug or one feature it often leads to several other seemingly unrelated changes. For example, I'll notice some neglected code or documentation and feel compelled to tweak and tinker even more. And that's indeed what has happened since. So, translators will especially want to take advantage of this code freeze to synchronize their translations with the changes I made up until this freeze. I should note, if it wasn't for the advice of one Denis Bernard, I probably would've been satisfied with just making a release candidate or two. Also, I should note that, the Spanish translation is still in dire need of an update.

Usted hablo Espanol? ;)

We'll see how 3.4 RC-1 goes to determine whether the need exists for another future release candidate before making the final release. And if all goes well, hopefully NanoBlogger 3.4 RC-1 will be released around mid-June.

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