NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line. It uses common UNIX tools such as cat, grep, and sed to create static HTML content. It's free to use and modify under the GNU General Public License.

  • highly configurable and extensible
  • intuitive command line interface
  • easy drafting, editing, and management of entries
  • configurable amount of archiving by category, year, month, day, and entry
  • pagination
  • permanent and navigational links
  • templates and CSS style sheets for full control over layout
  • placeholders for easy template manipulation
  • support for multiple weblogs
  • support for multiple tags (categories)
  • support for both relative and absolute links
  • support for date manipulation of entries
  • Atom syndication (comes with 1.0 format)
  • RSS syndication (comes with RSS 1.0 and 2.0 formats)
  • plugins for calendar, recent entries, weblog status, etc.
  • plugins for text formatting (e.g. line breaks translate to HTML)
  • global (nb.conf) and per-weblog (blog.conf) configuration
  • cache system to reduce processing time
  • independent from Javascript and server-side scripting (e.g. PHP)
  • independent from external database (stores data in flat-files)
  • includes user manual
  • multilingual support
  • *NIX compatible (just add BASH and standard *NIX commands)
  • modular code base
cons: no comments (only available through unoffical add-ons)

February 10, 2013 5:49 PM

Official Announcement: Development Suspended Indefinitely

Official Announcement: Development is suspended indefinitely until further notice.

Life goes on and my interests lie elsewhere these days. What started off as a project to learn shell scripting has enjoyed years of niched interest from around the world and for that I thank you!

It's been a lot of fun!

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September 17, 2011 2:38 PM

NanoBlogger Road Map

Here's the road map for future development of NanoBlogger.

Branch 3.5

This branch will focus only on merging NB-extra into NB.

  • No addition will be brought, excepted translations;
  • Nothing will be deleted (excepted for bug fix);
  • Bugs are to be fixed. So, we keep the former numbering convention (3.5.RC1, 3.5.RCn,3.5.0, 3.5.n, ...).

Branch 4.*

This branch will start after the first release of NB-3.5.RC1 . The development will be kept separated from the trunk until the ultimate release of branch 3.* . The goal is to prepare the next HTML version and to provide a good HTML code that makes it easy to write CSS.

Branch 3.6

This branch will focus on adding a menu bar.

  • No addition will be brought, excepted for the templates (and style sheets involved by menu bar) and translations;
  • No deletion, excepted for bug fix.

Branch 3.7

This branch will focus over reducing the amount of features (like TIDY or feed links)

  • No addition, excepted translations;
  • Deletion of some features.

Branch 3.8

This branch will focus over the blog.conf file. This branch could be the ultimate one.

  • Provide an easy way of options for unique/multiple main pages;
  • Provide an easy way of options for archives pages, etc.;
  • No addition, excepted for translations;
  • No deletion, excepted for simplification of management of archive pages and bug fix.

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July 31, 2011 9:00 PM

NanoBlogger 3.5 RC1

NanoBlogger 3.5 RC1 released! Download the tarball here.

This release focuses on bug fixes and consolidating files into a single package.

Summary of changes:

  • Merges language files to base and does away with nanoblogger-extra package.
  • Bug Fix: Description was not being loaded from entry's metadata.
  • Bug Fix: Archive template was subsequently being overwritten due to invalid file reference.
  • Bug Fix: Title for year archives was not set.
  • Bug Fix: Failed to update category database upon entry timestamp modification.
  • Bug Fix: Attempts to fix Markdown freeze bug (possibly due to inconsistent behavior found in various implemenations).

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April 10, 2011 6:28 PM

Kick-starting Development

There is an exciting future for NanoBlogger. Denis Benard of NanoBlogger francophone, has proposed an excellent and very pragmatic roadmap.

I'm looking forward to revisiting the project and picking things up where I left off.

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September 20, 2010 6:08 PM

The NanoBlogger Development Team

I've had a lot of responses since I last posted here expressing interest in joining the project.

Thanks for all your responses, If you haven't made it on the team and feel that you should be on it, then please email me and let me know. I tried my best to save and review each email sent to me, but that doesn't mean that yours did not get lost or overlooked.

Here's looking to the future of NanoBlogger!

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