Fri Jul 18 02:14:47 EDT 2003

Speed-ups and other enhancements

I've been busy working on the next version. I started off writing a plugin to create a calendar, which led to a lot of reworking of my code. While I was at it I did some more testing of the archiving code and to my horror discovered that links weren't built outside the current year. So, I ended up rewriting that, I actually think I came up with a more elegant solution this time. Another issue with the script, is that it goes through the entire archives everytime the blog gets built. As you can imagine, the script might take minutes to run with a lot of entries over a period of months. My fix was to have the script work within the current month by default and added a special archive option to the script to rebuild the entire archive of a blog. This is also a pretty elegant solution, because anything past the current month doesn't need to be processed again, but if you wish to, now you can tell the script to do so.

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