Mon Jul 14 23:01:57 EDT 2003

Preview feature can be confusing

I just got an email from someone having problems setting up their blog site. I made a quick reply, because it looked like they had everyting worked out before I could offer any help. Anyways, it made me think about the preview feature, which runs often after you make a change, nagging you if you want to preview your changes. There's a problem if you're running the script locally. When $BLOG_URL is set to your remote site, the pointer to your stylesheet is now set to the remote site, so any changes to the stylesheet won't show up until you've uploaded it to the server. I also have an example in blog.conf, claiming easier offline previewing, but fail to mention (or think) that this will cause all the links to point to your local setup. Just to clarify, the preview feature isn't perfect, but as long as you have $BLOG_URL set correctly, you might not see the correct stylesheet, but you'll still see your new post. Your links will be pointing to the remote site, so any changes to the stylesheet or the archives won't be seen until you've uploaded everything to the web site.

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