Wed Jul 9 21:47:54 EDT 2003

Next version to feature permalinks!

I decided it was worth it to add about 10 lines of code to handle permalinks, plus some related changes to the templates. I made some changes to the "archives" directory, I moved "monthly" to the archives directory and added a new directory, called "permalinks" to store all the permalinks under. I also added a new template called "default.htm" to process the archives and permalinks with. Although I could've just used the template, "main_index.htm", and kept everything consistent in appearance, I opted for more of a modular approach. Favoring flexibility and easier customization. As always you can check out all my latest changes in the unstable version. Overview of my latest changes: 1. added new variable, "$NB_EntryPermalink" and placed into templates: "entries.htm" and "rdf_entries.xml"
2. created new directory "archives/permalinks"
3. moved directory "monthly" to "archives/monthly"
4. created new template, "default.htm" (used for alternate pages, such as a permalink)
5. adjusted link path in template "archive_links.htm" to the new "monthly" directory location
update: I've updated this site to the new code, so you can see the changes for yourself. Notice the new permalinks?!

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