Fri Jul 11 22:44:43 EDT 2003

Keeping things at a minimum

Having too many files for a blog that's supposed to be FTP friendly, made me rethink how I was implementing permalinks. Although I love having a separate page for each permalink and it's indeed possible, it created far too many files to make it reasonable for uploading remotely. As a more portable solution, I have the permalink point to the entries index page for that month and use it's filename as the id tag. This way it's only as many pages as there are months that contain entries. In addition to adding permalinks, I reworded some of the scripts text output and removed the infinite loops from the delete and edit functions. I basically did a walk-thru of my code and changed some things that I didn't like or found inconsistent. The quality of the code was vastly improved over the previous versions, so I plan on releasing a new version featuring permalinks soon.

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