Thu Jul 3 22:48:51 EDT 2003

NanoBlogger reaches milestone release

Version 1.9 sees major improvements to the overall functionality and stablebility, but most notably in the archiving code. Major flaws in the archiving code have been addressed. I've added a new command line option to accompany the new blog configuration file and renamed the $PARTS_DIR directory from "clippings" to "parts". This way there's no sugar-coating or confusion to the contents of $PARTS_DIR directory. The $PARTS_DIR is made up from actual parts of the blog, so they really shouldn't be manipulated. At the same time, I find the parts useful for inclusion to some of my other personal sites that use a little PHP and I believe that others may too. I might still reference them as "clippings" in the documentation, as I happen to like the term better, but I decided that the old name was a little to ambigious. The last addition made was the variable $BLOG_CONTACT to the config file and a side-link, called "Contact", to the templates. This version was also tested on Mac OS X Jaguar with the default Bash shell environment. When possible I try to rely on the shell instead of external commands for the sake of portability. I think it would be really cool to be able to run this script on almost any unix environment that includes Bash, but I can't possibly test NanoBlogger against all the different unix environments, I just happen to own an ibook with a copy of Mac OS X. Anyways I think I ranted long enough. Cheers and happy 4th of July!

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