Wed Jul 23 18:34:14 EDT 2003

Running NanoBlogger from anywhere in your shell

While I've been working on my plugins, I've been reconfiguring NanoBlogger so it can work outside of it's own directory. This means that you are no longer limited to creating a blog inside NanoBlogger's directory. As a plus you don't have to be inside NanoBlogger's directory, you can call NanoBlogger from anywhere in your shell.

I mentioned earlier that I wrote a plugin to list older entries, but it's evolved into a more general "list entries" plugin. It basically lists recent entries by default, but can be easily configured to generate older entries. The older entries are determined by your MAX_DISPLAY settting, so if you set MAX_DISPLAY to "10", older entries will start after 10 and end after 10. You can always just configure the "list entries" plugin to list entries from whatever start and end of entries you specify.

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