Wed Jul 2 05:08:19 EDT 2003

Nobody wants their news to be voided ...

from the front page whenever a new month begins. I discovered another bug in nanoblogger, it occured whenever a blog was forced to regenerate and a new month has begun. There's too many reasons to list that make this unacceptable behavior. To fix the problem, I have nanoblogger merge entries to the front page regardless of what month it is (in other words, everything). So I created a new user option to control how many gets displayed to the front page. Now regardless of whether your adding a new entry or just regenerating your blog, nanoblogger keeps the front page consistent with whatever the user specified.

Some smaller things like id tags for the entries were added and relative changes to the templates were made, which should help enhance the RSS feeds. While I'm on the topic, I think it would be nice to have permalinks, but it might cuase some redundancy to implement without a major rewrite. Part of the problem is the fact that nanoblogger is an offline weblog engine, which means that all processing is done offline and thus everthing's static. Online weblog engines that often rely on server side scripting and javascript have the advantage to preproccess their content dynamically, sometimes upon user request. My goal is to do as much preprocessing as possible offline, while still maintaining a portable blog that can be moved from one server to the next regardless of what server side scripting it supports.

I'm starting to become satisfied with the current state of nanoblogger, it has some real functionallity to it now. As soon as I get more time to clean up my new code and update the documentation, I will make another major release, which should be within a week or two. As usual the next release will be sure to muck things up with any of the previous releases, so don't expect the new code to work with any of your old blogs.

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