June 14, 2009 6:39 PM

NanoBlogger 3.4

NanoBlogger 3.4 released! Download the tarball here.

This release mainly focuses on improving stability and performance.

To the NanoBlogger community, I send my regards. Your support, your encouragement and feedback remains an invaluable contribution to this project. Thank you!

Changes (since 3.3):

  • Adds support for new "shortcode" style plugins. e.g. "[youtube]..."
  • Adds new commands for creating and importing articles.
  • Adds support for user defined break points via the entry excerpt plugin.
  • Improved language support allows displaying early error messages in desired language.
  • Includes several optimizations which translates to noticeable gains in overall speed.
  • Adds additional control over amount and type of archives generated.
  • Improves management of flat-file databases.
  • Includes numerous bug fixes.

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