January 12, 2008 5:02 PM

Switched Version Control Systems

Hi folks!

I finally made the switch to Subversion. With instructions provided by SF.net, I exported my CVS repository and converted it to an SVN dump suitable for import. Since I saw no errors and was careful to remove CVSROOT, I made the error in assuming that the import would go without a hitch. After about a few days of waiting on tech support they gave me the information I needed to hear. The problem was on my end. Of course that "problem" was with all my CVS tags. Not surprising, seeing how they mention that as one of the most common problems that arises when switching from CVS to Subversion. So, I took the road most traveled and left those tags behind.

All of this time spent around my code, lead me to tinkering, which lead to some changes. It's still fun to work on, even if I really should be working on more important things. So, if you're feeling frisky check out the new code! I'm running a Subversion shop now, baby! :devilish:

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