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Last Updated: June 20th, 2009

NOTE: Updated commands to syntax of version 3.4.

Did you know that NanoBlogger can multitask?

Well, technically, it's more like batch processing. Anyways, here's a list of common actions that can be combined.

  1. Apply changes immediately after changing configuration.

    nb configure update all
  2. Edit a new article and have it generated immediately.

    nb draft [blog_dir]articles/example.txt update main
  3. Publish changes immediately after an edit or delete action.

    nb edit entry 1 publish
    nb delete entry 1 publish
  4. Combining preview and publish (when "add" is not invoked).

    nb edit entry 1 preview publish
    nb draft [blog_dir]articles/example.txt update main preview publish

Some notes:

  • As of this writing, both "preview" and "publish" are already ran automatically whenever the "add" action is invoked, you can use '--no-preview' and '--no-publish' to prevent this.
  • You can use the "--interactive 0" option to have NanoBlogger assume the default choice for most actions.

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