May 15, 2005 12:02 AM

Migrating to XHTML 1.1

Updated: Sun May 15 20:31:09 EDT 2005

With some help, I've managed to get the templates converted to XHTML 1.1. Serving XHTML 1.1 involves some work with the server configuration. For apache I've added "AddType application/xhtml+xml .html" to my .htaccess file. In the process, I've added a new variable, BLOG_MIMETYPE, to set the content meta data in the header of the templates. A special thanks goes out to amake for contributing the necessary changes to the default templates.

In the process of this migration I've managed to encounter many bugs. However I don't believe these bugs are from the previous version, but were rather created during my experimentation's. To name a few, I fixed a bug in the moods plugin that would skip every other smiley on a single line. Another potential bug was discovered in the tidy plugin, where files wouldn't be modified if the -m option wasn't set in TIDY_ARGS.

After discovering that tidy wasn't working at all, because I've changed my own TIDY_ARGS to exclude the modify input option, I was a little frustrated. So, I spent some time improving the tidy plugin and I feel I've greatly enhanced the tidy plugin by adding a function to report tidy's exit code and adding a log file, so that errors can be easily reviewed and corrected. Can you tell I've been grokking tidy's documentation lately? :)

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