February 13, 2004 6:39 PM

Fixed: "Hey! This Site Takes Forever To Rebuild!" Bug

I've recently came to the conclusion that the autoformat plugins suck! To make them _not_ suck, they're no longer initialized for every entry that's processed. Autoformat plugins are now initialized only when an entry is added or edited. Changes made by autoformat plugins are now saved to the entry's file.

Why did you do this?

To eliminate redundancy in processing and increase scalability. Autoformat plugins were poorly implemented to begin with. It was an oversight easy to make when working with so few entries at the time.

How will my old entries be effected?

Their HTML versions will most likely lose their line breaks and smilies.

Well how do I get them back?

I've included a script to permanently apply the effects of the autoformat plugins to the entries. Please remember to backup your data.

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