September 26, 2003 1:52 AM

Development: Enhanced Command Line Interface

Fixed miscellaneous bugs and rewrote the commandline parsing code. NanoBlogger no longer uses 'getopt' or 'getopts', just some good old fashioned while loop and shifting. Also added some new options, like '--version', '--name', '--title', and '--file'. The '--file' option can be used to load the contents of a file into a new blog entry and can be used with '--name' and '--title' options. As a bonus the '--add' option can also work with '--name' and '--title'. These changes drastically change the behaviour of NanoBlogger and how things are done. Editing and deleting entries are no longer driven by a menu and limited to the just the most current entries. Instead, they have been configured to accept any entry's id number, which can be retrieved with the '--list' option.

These changes were made in hope that they would increase shell compatibility and improve the commandline parsing code. However, it's difficult for me to test, becuase I'm limited to Linux and Mac OS X, as my testing grounds. If anyone has access to a DEC or Sparc machine? I would be very greatful if you could take the time to test this out for me.

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