August 17, 2003 7:52 PM

Development: Comment This!

I found a cool cgi script here. It was easy to integrate with nanoblogger with the exception of some minor modifications, but after all that it works pretty well as an addon.

Nanoblogger was modified to build seperate html pages of all the current entries, as long as the directory "$BLOG_DIR/archives/permalinks" exists. This was necessary to give the cgi script something to work with. Then I modified the "entries.htm" template to include links to the cgi script and the new permalinks. The only thing missing is a display of total comments for each entry, which I recently emailed the author of the script about.

update: added a new blog.conf variable, called FULL_PERMALINKS and modularized some more functions to work better with the new build_permalinks function, so manually creating the permalinks directory is no longer required. I still haven't decided if I want to have the script automatically delete the permalinks directory when FULL_PERMALINKS is disabled.

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