Wed Jul 30 02:47:05 EDT 2003

A megaton in updates since 2.0

I think it's about time to make 2.1 an official release. I realize I should've named it 2.1a or something to indicate it was an unstable release before, but now since it's undergone so many changes and updates, it's time I make it the next stable release.

Since 2.0, I've enhanced the sorting of the archive links to work better with multiple years, made dozens of minor bug fixes, added plugins, and rewrote/converted the documentation into HTML. At this point, I don't think I'll ever be content with the script until I've done almost a complete rewrite. Not that it's a bad script, but I'm starting to find some of it's limitations, which is making it frustrating to work on. I hate it when everything in the development process starts to feel more like a hack than a real solution.

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