Tue Jun 10 00:29:25 EDT 2003

NanoBlogger on Mac OS X

Right after I made another public release of NanoBlogger (version 1.6), my curiousity got the best of me, and I started testing NanoBlogger in Mac OS X. Fortunately, I've owned an iBook for quite a while, so testing was just a matter of rebooting out of linux and into OS X. Installing NanoBlogger was easy, I didn't even have to touch the command-line to decompress the tarball. Running it from the terminal, proved to be another story. NanoBlogger bombed out on me, while trying to build the web pages. This led me to an analysis of my sed commands, appearantly OS X's version of sed is a little more strict. I was using a tilde in sed's print commands, I wasn't even aware that I didn't need the tilde, but that was the cause of the first problem. Then I still had a problem with Bash itself, complaining whenever I tried to source in the templates, this was discovered to be caused by an escape that was added to the last line of the sourced template. I came up with a quick and dirty hack, where I just use "echo" to append a null line to terminate the escaped line. Not to shabby, it only took two modifications to get things working on OS X. I would like to make another release with these changes, but I think it will have to wait, I've already submitted four versions to freshmeat.net in one weeks time! I'm a newbie to software development. Generally, I only release a new version when I feel there's been significant changes and improvements. I just made the mistake of going public prematurely, my appologies to anyone that actually tried NanoBlogger. I hope that the latest version is much more useful to you. All the changes mentioned are included in my "current" tarball which can also be found under the "downloads" section.

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